Volunteers working 24 hours to help the homeless survive the heat

Toronto is facing a hot and humid summer thanks to the recent heat wave that forced Environment Canada to declare a warning. The daytime temperature is hovering around the lower to mid-30s while the humidex value has risen to the mid-40s. The night time is also no relief with temperatures soaring to 20 C. This comes at a time only when last month saw some torrential rains and storms. Read more “Volunteers working 24 hours to help the homeless survive the heat”

Volunteering Events in Canada

It is one of the most astonishing factors that the number of volunteers is increasing at a fast pace. About 50% of the total Canadian population is indulged in volunteer work which is simply superb. The work done by Canadians in terms of volunteering is equal to 1.1 million full-time jobs. People in Canadian society love helping each other and therefore there are ample volunteering opportunities. There are many volunteering related events which take place in Canada just to make sure that new opportunities arise. Read more “Volunteering Events in Canada”